3 Day Detox

First things first—even a beginner’s detox requires you to cut some things out of your diet. In this case, it’s dairy, sugar, meat, caffeine, gluten, processed foods, and alcohol. These items tend to be stressful on your digestive system, cause acidity in the body, and prevent detoxification. A great and easy way to reset, is eating light to heavy for improved digestion and clearing of the digestive tract, and focusing on whole foods.

Top benefits of a juice detox diet

Helps you lose weight quickly.Improves nutrient absorption.

Feeds good bacteria in your gut.

Helps lower cholesterol.

Helps detox your liver.

Lowers blood sugar levels.

Improves your skin.

Since juice doesn’t have fiber, it doesn’t have the same digestion needs as regular food. Nutrients are more easily absorbed by your body.

Fresh juices don’t burden your body with digestion needs, and gives your body time to eliminate toxins and detox itself.


Each morning of your detox, start off with a glass of warm water with lemon and ginger to help alkalize your system and kick-start your digestive system.

After that try to stay on schedule, aim to drink a juice every 2 to 2.5 hours.

For some people, 6 to 8 juices per day may feel like a lot. However, if you space out your juices over 12 hours, finishing your last juice roughly 2 hours before your fall asleep - your body will thank you. Skipping juices will likely leave you hungry later and may result in your blood sugar crashing. Even if you are not hungry, when it is time for your next consecutive juice, drink up.


Here are some recipes that you can mix at your will during the detox:

Ultimate Green

2 green apples, cut in half

3 stalks celery, no leaves

1 cucumber.8 leaves kale

1/2 lemon, peeled

1 piece fresh ginger

Tropical Carrot Apple

1 large apple

1/4 pineapple

2 large carrots

2 pieces fresh ginger

Red Beets

2 lemons

2 carrots

2 apples

2 beets

Green Spinach Lemonade

1 cup spinach

2 stalks celery

4 leaves kale

1 piece ginger

2 apples

1 lemon

When it comes to detoxing your body, a juice cleanse is one of the best methods available. The vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients provided in these juice cleanse recipes are immediately absorbed into your system, giving you a healthy boost right away.

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